The Ennis-Weir Critical Thinking Essay Test

The Ennis-Weir Critical Thinking Essay Test is a general test of critical thinking ability in the context of argumentation. In this test, a complex argument is presented to the test taker, who is asked to formulate another complex argument in response to the first.

Constructs Being Measured
Critical Thinking
How to Access and Cite

This can be used both as a test of writing mastery as well as a teaching device for critical thinking.
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Outcome Families
Programmatic Purpose
Classroom-level data and feedback
Program-level monitoring and evaluation
Instrument Characteristics
Type of items: 

Open-ended questions

Original target population: 

High school and college studentsopen

Open-ended questions
Applicable Grade Levels
Supporting Research

Ennis, R. H., & Weir, E. (1989). The Ennis-Weir critical thinking essay test: Test, manual, criteria, scoring sheet : an instrument for teaching and testing. Cheltenham, Vic: Hawker Brownlow.
Hollis, H., Rachitskiy, R., van der Leer, L., and Elder, L. (in press) Validity and reliability testing of the International Critical Thinking Essay Test form A (ICTET-A). Psychological Reports

Points to Consider

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